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Are young people today worse than ever?

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At home with mom and dad, in a community that has known you for probably a good part of your life. You have your established, friends, activities, hangouts and possibly jobs. Young people will not vote candidates they do not recognize into offices they do not understand. I believe that we have gone away from discussing the issues; the media spends most of its time attempting to catch candidates off-guard and prying into the candidates' personal lives.

Not only do young people from key populations face widespread discrimination, stigma and violence they also face specific vulnerabilities associated with youth, including power imbalances in relationships and, sometimes, the impact of alienation from family Young people within key populations often have lower knowledge of HIV risks, or lower.

In policy circles, it has become almost a cliché to claim that young people do not care about privacy. Certainly there are many troubling anecdotes surrounding young individuals’ use of the internet, and of social networking sites in particular.

In this essay, I will explore the main problems faced by young people today, the reasons they arise, and the possible solutions to these problems. Firstly is a problem that most youths experience -. Essay 2 - Model answer. Although young people love gadgets and technology, some see science as uninteresting and 'uncool'.

Over time, the number of young people, particularly girls, pursuing science and technology studies and careers has dropped.

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