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The key to "Jean de Florette"'s success as a film lies in emotion, sympathy, and simplicity. It is a deceptively simple tale and for that reason was likely to appeal to a broader and more adult base than many of the other films around at the time.

Ten years after Jean de Florette dies and Cesar and Ugolin Soubeyran take over his farm in Provence, Jean's daughter Manon grows old enough to discover and understand their treachery, and to.

But Jean de Florette, a man from the city, inherits the land. In order to prevent Jean from succeeding in his attempt to raise rabbits on the land, Ugolin and his grandfather block the source. Jean de Florette dies from his efforts to find water. His widow is ruined, has to sell the property, and leaves the area.

Essay about Jean de Florette & Manon des Sources et Manon des sources.

Jean De Florette Essay

Les deux livres ont été, à l'origine, appelés L'Eau des collines. L'importance de l'eau est la plus évidente quand César et Galinette ont bouché les sources de Jean. Ils ont bouché les sources parce qu'ils voulu que Jean parti. While my film library has evolved over the years, two constants have been Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources.

Although Jean is a bit less engaging to some students, they all agree that watching this one is worth it in order to relate to the intrigue of Manon.

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