Three phase induction motors essay

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Comparison between Synchronous Motor and 3-Phase Induction Motor

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A 3 phase induction motor derives its name from the fact that the rotor current is induced by the magnetic field, instead of electrical connections. The operating principle of a 3 phase induction motor is based on the production of r.m.f. Production of a rotating magnetic field. 3-phase AC induction motors.

For industrial and mining applications, 3-phase AC induction motors are the prime movers for the vast majority of machines. These motors can be operated either directly from the mains or from adjustable variable frequency drives.

Equivalent circuit of three phase induction motor: The equivalent circuit illustrates the various parameters of the machine and the losses may occur with the machine. The induction motor has an induction and a resistor which cause losses. The starting methods of three phase induction motor generally are direct-on-line starting, reduced-voltage starting and soft starter.

Direct-on-line starting This kind of starting mode is the most basic and simplest in the motor starting.

Three-Phase Induction Motors Essay Three phase induction motors essay
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